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Zip Lining in the Copper Canyon

S & S Tours, based in Sierra Vista, Arizona, specializes in tours of Mexico’s Copper Canyon, a magnificent 25,000 square mile canyon system in northwestern Mexico that S & S owner Sue Stilwell describes as “deeper, greener and wider than Arizona’s Grand Canyon.”  Her company, in association wtih Balderama Hotels, is offering new nine-day all-inclusive tours between Phoenix and the Copper Canyon for a special rate of $1.395 per person per double room.  “People like the price and the safe feeling of crossing the border with a guide and arriving in Mexico with a group instead of on their own,” Stilwell noted.

Another new offering in the canyon is what is now the longest single zip line in the world: Canyon ZipRider.  With a length of 8350 feet, a vertical drop of 1450 feet and a top speed of 65 mph, the two minute 20 second flight will guarantee excitement.  Another new zip line course offers seven jumps for those who are really into speed and adventure.  Those travelers also may be interested in opportunities for rapelling and rock climbing in the canyon.

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