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FAM Train Trip Itinerary

May 24-29, 2018

Prime Time Canyon Train Ride
A stay on the rim of Copper Canyon and in Urique Canyon
Experience 4 of the 5 Canyon climatic zones

ITINERARY–Flexibility and a sense of adventure is the key in Mexico. 

Day 1 – Fly to Los Mochis, Hotel Santa Anita, Los Mochis
Arrive to the newest metropolis in northern Mexico, Los Mochis. Take a taxi on your own from the airport to the executive Hotel Santa Anita. ($20 taxi fee) (USD)

Day 2–Morning City Tour and Yacht Tour, Afternoon Transfer to Colonial El Fuerte, Hotel Posada Hidalgo
Eat breakfast on your own.  Registration and welcome orientation are at 8:00 am followed by a city tour and yacht tour on Topolobampo Bay.  Savor a delicious lunch at the hotel at 12:30 and transfer (l.5 hours) to El Fuerte by bus at 2:00 pm. Upon arrival in El Fuerte, register and take a tour of Hotel Posada Hidalgo Hotel.   This hotel is a restored sprawling hacienda of a former mayor. The hotel has a beautiful courtyard full of tropical vegetation, a swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, and Jacuzzi.  It is well known for its superb cuisine.  A river float and a visit to the new museum are on the agenda this afternoon.  You will also explore El Fuerte’s rich colonial history, which dates back to 1564 on a walking tour.  El Fuerte was the first capital of the Western State whose territory extended as far north as the Grand Canyon.  Enjoy at 7:00 pm Folkloric dancing, welcome cocktails, meeting Zorro and dinner.  Lunch at Hotel Santa Anita and dinner at Hotel Posada Hidalgo.

Day 3- Copper Canyon Train Trip to Cerocahui, Hotel Misión
Begin your day with a delicious buffet breakfast at the hotel, and then transfer to the train station.  Your 4–hour train journey today into the Sierra Madre Mountains takes you through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. You begin at sea level and end up at 5000 ft. elevation.

Be sure to have your railroad log in your packet available on the train.  You are riding the world famous Chihuahua al Pacífico Railroad.  This engineering masterpiece took about 90 years to complete and 90 million dollars.  The engineers had to plan for 87 tunnels and 39 bridges to complete the line.

Picturesque Hotel Misión helps you feel you are “away from it all” as you relax in the restful Spanish courtyard and admire the gold dome of the nearby 1556 mission church.  You are greeted at the hotel with welcome cocktails, then eat a hearty dinner.

A highlight of this tour will be the world-class view that awaits you today at the top of Urique Canyon.  Your bus tour to the rim of this deepest canyon in the system provides the most expansive photo opportunities on the trip.  You will meet the Tarahumara Indians today as you visit one of their ranchos and have the opportunity to buy their crafts on the way up to the overlook.  Breakfast at Hotel Posada Hidalgo, lunch on the train and dinner at Hotel Mision.

Day 4 –Copper Canyon Train Trip to Divisadero, Hotel Mirador on the Rim
Cable Car Ride Across the Canyon.  Enjoy a tasty buffet breakfast at the hotel.  Walk around the village and visit the church and the Tarahumara Indian Boarding School.  At 11:30 am, transfer to the train station and once again journey through this world-famous canyon system. Eat lunch on the train.

Your destination is the beautiful Mirador Hotel right on the rim of Copper Canyon – the most scenic location in all the canyon system.  The view alone from your balcony will be worth the whole trip to you.  This hotel has a wonderful; relaxing atmosphere and it is very conducive to contemplating the natural wonders around you.

Watch the local Tarahumara women weave their double-woven Sotol baskets and Apache Pine baskets on the hotel patio. This is your optimum opportunity to buy baskets directly from the weavers.

An afternoon bus tour to spectacular overlooks will greatly enlarge your vista.  Enjoy a cable car ride across the Canyon.  6:00 Happy hour, dinner and live entertainment will be a wonderful closing of your day.  Breakfast at Hotel Mision, lunch on the train and dinner at Hotel Mirador.

*New Copper Canyon adventure park: Copper Canyon has a new adventure park which sports the second longest zip line course in the world and the third longest cable car ride in the world (6 km).   For those who like speed and adventure, one can fly across the canyon system on a seven jump, eleven platform zip line course which extends over 4 miles through the canyon. “ Flying” at over 2300 ft. above the canyon floor and walking across the two suspension bridges allows a dramatic view of the canyon floor which you do not experience from hiking or even from a helicopter. The zipliners will return at the end of their course on the cable car.

The longest cable car ride in Mexico is a part of the new adventure park.   Two cable cars holding 60 passengers each run across the canyon, affording magnificent views of Tarahumara Indian ranchos in this expansive canyon system.    In addition, there is the “Via Ferrata”, an obstacle course with rappelling, rock climbing and horizontal traverses that is an amazing test of outdoor skill, utilizing the latest in safety equipment.

Day 5 –Visit Hotel Barrancas Rancho, Afternoon Train Journey through the Canyon to Los Mochis, Hotel Santa Anita
Glimpse the shy, retiring Tarahumara Indian culture through their racing and dancing custom demonstrated for you this morning.  Visit the companion hotel to Hotel Mirador.  Following lunch at the hotel, board the train for your return journey to Los Mochis.  You will get off the train in El Fuerte and transfer privately to Los Mochis for a farewell dinner at Hotel Santa Anita.  Breakfast and lunch at Hotel Mirador and dinner in Hotel Santa Anita

Day 6 –Depart Los Mochis on your own. 

The package includes 5 nights of hotels, 11 meals, all day tours, tips, private guides, first-class express Chihuahua al Pacifico train tickets and transfers (except airport transfers).   The tour begins and ends in Los Mochis, the scenic, western end of the railroad.

Agent rate:  $450 per person double occupancy; $700 single occupancy
Non-Agent Companion:  $750 double occupancy; $1000 single occupancy