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Copper Canyon Hotels and Attractions

We utilize Balderrama Hotels where ever they are located in the canyon-Los Mochis, El Fuerte, Cerocahui and Divisadero Area. Other Balderrama Hotel locations are Cabo San Jose and Culiacan.


Hotel Santa Anita,– Stay at the executive Santa Anita Hotel , which is owned by the Balderrama family. The Balderrama hotels specialize in prime locations, comfortable rooms, excellent service, and warm hospitality on the Copper Canyon route. They were the pioneering hotels in the Canyon. This full service hotel specializes with 180 rooms in Copper Canyon services, and is the Copper Canyon administrative center of the Balderrama hotels in which you will stay in the Canyon.

Los MochisAttractions
1. The Plaza
2. The Botanical Gardens
3. A city tour and a yacht ride on Topolobampo Bay . On the yacht ride, you see dolphins and can request a tour past “Duck Island .” Arrange tour with hotel travel agency.

Hotel Posada del Hidalgo– The exquisite charm of this centrally located, historical 1908 mansion now known as Posada Hidalgo , blends today’s modern conveniences with Spanish colonial ambiance. Located below the original fort, the lovely 50-room hotel, with its tiers of tropical gardens, was once the palatial home of Don Rafael Almada, a former mayor and prominent merchant in the town. He wanted to build the largest and most prestigious mansion in town. There is a swimming pool.  Three Mexican presidents have stayed here in this Balderrama hotel through the years.  Freshwater Black Bass and Prawns are the house specialty in the hotel restaurant.


El Fuerte Attractions –
1.Historic New Indian Museum
2.Mayo Indian villages
3.Self-guided historic walking tour
4.River Cruise
6. Birding and Fishing


Hotel Misión –This Balderrama hotel is your “home in the country,” and a favorite stopping place of many Copper Canyon travelers. A cozy ambiance is created in this tasteful Spanish mission-style retreat by the comfortable, ample lobby with its massive fireplace, the family style dining room, and the 29 rooms attractively decorated in Mexican décor and heated by wood stoves. You are beckoned to take off your shoes and stay awhile, as time here is conveniently suspended here. The hotel vineyard supplies grapes for the Balderrama wines.

Cerocahui Attractions –
1. The most popular tour from the hotel is to the Urique Canyon overlook, and it is the most expansive view you will have on your tour outside of the Batopilas road.
2. A scenic 5-mile round trip walk to Cerocahui Waterfall. Moderate to difficult walk.
3. A walk through town to local country stores, jail, schools, medical clinic, and cemetery.
4. Horseback riding, hiking, and birding.
5. Catholic Indian Boarding School next to the Hotel. (Visitors and donations are needed and welcomed.)
6. Van tour to the bottom of Urique Canyon
7. Las Cascaditas (the little waterfalls)—In rainy season you will eanjoy these nice swimming holes.  Moderate hike, about 2 miles roundtrip and about 90 minutes.


Hotel Posada Mirador “on the Rim of the Canyon”/ Hotel Posada Rancho This newest premier Balderrama hotel in the Divisadero area, Hotel Mirador, has the best location in the canyon system. Every room has its own balcony overlooking the Copper Canyon . This view alone will make your trip worthwhile.  The companion hotel, Posada Rancho Hotel, has been beautifully remodeled.  It is at the train stop itself.

Divisadero Area Attractions-
1.    Moderate to difficult hiking to Wakajipare (Indian village below the hotel) 5 miles, 4 hours
2.    Horseback riding
3.    Possible Indian racing and dancing demonstrations
4.    Arrange an excursion into Oteros Canyon
5.    Shop with the Indian women weaving baskets on the hotel patio
6.    Arrange a bus tour to Divisadero overlook of the Copper Canyon in the Copper Canyon system
7.    Hiking to El Puerto ( Urique River overlook – moderate hike) 3 miles, 2 hours
8.    Longest cable car ride in Mexico  near Hotel Mirador now operating! You will literally be flying above the magnificent Copper Canyon
9.    Zip Lining—11-platform, 7-jump, 4 mile course
10.  Rappelling, rock climbing and horizontal traverses
11.   Areponapuchi–visit the church and school at the nearby village of Areponapuchic . Visitors are welcome. A one hour easy walk on a gravel road.
12.   Chinaman’s cave– one hour of easy switch-back walking takes you to a Tarahumara Home called “Cueva del Chino”.

New Copper Canyon adventure park in the Divisadero Area:  Copper Canyon has a new adventure park which sports the second longest zip line course in the world and the third longest  cable car ride  in the world (6 km).   For those who like speed and adventure, one can fly across the canyon system on a seven jump, eleven platform zip line course which extends over 4 miles through the canyon. “ Flying” at over 2300 ft. above the canyon floor and  walking across the two suspension bridges allows a dramatic view of the canyon floor which you do not experience from hiking or even from a helicopter. The zip liners will return at the end of their course on the cable car.  The longest cable car ride in Mexico is a part of the new adventure park.   Two cable cars holding 60 passengers each run across the canyon, affording magnificent views of Tarahumara Indian ranchos in this expansive canyon system.    In addition, there is the “Via Ferrata”, an obstacle course with rappelling, rock climbing and horizontal traverses that is an amazing test of outdoor skill, utilizing the latest in safety equipment.


Best Western Lodge at Creel: Enjoy the tranquility and hospitality of this charming lodge.  Its stylish log cabins feature open beam ceilings, wood flooring, fireplace and well-designed bathrooms and covered porches that allow you to enjoy the solitude and fresh country atmosphere.  The cabins occupy secluded grounds set back from Creel’s main street.  ‘The complex is studded with fruit trees, surrounded by pines, and offers views of the regions dramatically sculpted rock formations.

Villa Mexicana Creel Mountain Lodge in Creel is a vibrant example of Mexican   architecture and a reflection of the local Tarahumara culture’s love of color.   Built on 18 acres with complete perimeter fencing and a security gate, the hotel   comes alive with rich hues of bright blue, orange, purple and yellow that vie   for attention with the myriad of wildflowers that liberally dot the nearby   fields.

Creel Attractions-

1.  SmallTarahumaraMuseum

2.   Tour to Indian country – mission, cave home, waterfall, ranch at Cusárare

3.   Tour to Mushroom Rock and Toad Rock

4.   Walk to Cristo Rey Statue for Town Overlook

OUTSIDE CREEL in the Tarahumara Indian Country

Hotel Sierra Lodge— Comfort  in a Wilderness Isolation.

Right on the Continental Divide, at 7600 ft., nestled against the side of a small pine-scented valley with a stream rushing by the front door, is your beautiful little 22-room hotel—a rustic jewel built of rich-toned varnished logs.  Located just about 25 minutes outside of Creel, the lodge is in the heart of some of the most beautifulCopperCanyoncountry.  The porch overlooks theCusárareRiver, which twists and winds around huge boulder, eventually dropping over a 100-foot cliff, into deeper canyons.    The guest rooms are roomy and especially cozy.  This place is for hikers and folks who want to relax, without the distractions of phones or TV.  There is no electricity. Heating is wood stoves and lighting is kerosene lanterns.

Cusarare Attracions:

l. Arrange a hike to Cusárare Waterfall—it is an optional 4-mile round trip walk to Cusárare Waterfall (a 100 ft. drop) and the only opportunity you will have to see the Tarahumaras weaving belts on their lap looms. It is an easy to moderate hike. There is a well traveled train which follows the stream through some of the most beautiful landscape in theCopperCanyonarea.  Primarily a smooth dirt path, there are some rocky stretches and a small amount of incline.  Allow at least two hours for a scenic walk.

2. Painted Cave–  Approximately a 10 minute walk from the Lodge, there is a good size cave with a polychromatic pictographs.  Anthropologists guess at their origin and the Tarahumara simply refer to “the ancient ones”.   The area, history and culture of the Tarahumara is fascinating.

3. Cusarare Mission–  Less than a one hour walk from the Lodge is a 300 year old Tarahumara church built under Jesuit guidance.  Take the road or walk along the creek.  Best place to buy the Tarahumara works of art.  Plan on morning or afternoon to fully explore the area.

4. Baserecta Hot Springs– This trek (with oneof our guides) is for more able -bodied hikers but definitely worthwhile.  Hike approximately 2.5 hours to the Canyon rim.   Descend 1200-1500 feet. on a steep, rocky trail to the river andhot springs.  Shed clothing down to bathing suits and sit on the sandy floor of the pool filled with warm water.  The hike back to the lodge is about 4 hours.  This trek works best when part of an overnight campout.

Walk with good birding along this trail.  Other destinations can be arranged with your hotel on site such as Rocohuata Hot Springs.


The town ofBatopilas, at the bottom ofBatopilasCanyon,  is reached by a narrow, winding 85-mile road. The road is paved the first few miles and then graveled the rest of the way.  Eric Frommer in his Guide toMexicosays it is one of the most spectacular drives inNorth America.Batopilas is a very remote and one feels privileged to be there where most of the tourist do not go.

Hotel Real de Las Minas is simple, clean and rustic-8rooms around a central patio with a soothing fountain along with its sister hotels Casa Estefania and Casa ElizabethRiverside Lodge is a fabulously restored 15-room hacienda of adobe, hand-hewn beams and Victorian antiques.  Relax around the fountains of shady stone patios.

Riverside Lodge Hotel—a 15 –room mansion of a former silver baron.  Each room is unique and historically lovely.  This is the nicest hotel in the area. 

Batopilias Attractions

 l. Walk to the aqueduct and see the Porfirio Diaz Tunnel opening—3.5 miles one way
2. The Lost Cathedral at Satevó—8 miles roundtrip on a gravel road and can be walked or ridden
3. Shepherd Hacienda ruins of the Batopilas Mining Co. (Can Walk or ride there)



 HOTEL San Francisco – This popular old hotel is located in the heart of the city, within walking distance of the cathedral, the civic center, and shopping. It has a restaurant and indoor parking.

 HOTEL Plaza Inn – This centrally located hotel is a few steps from the main tourist attractions of the city and governmental and municipal offices.  

Chihuahua CityAttractions

l. Pancho Villa’s home
2. Cathedral
3. Regional museum
4. Government palace murals
5. Art galleries