Chiapas Mexico

Marvelous Chiapas

Join a unique S&S learning adventure, traveling through Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico bordering Guatemala. Our Chiapas tour is for the truly adventurous. Think jungles, waterfalls, archeological sites and ancient villages out of which come simple pottery and premier weavings. The Lancandon Indians weave lovey beaded belts and other beaded crafts, and the Zincanatan women produce wonderful shawls, embroidered blouses and more on lap looms.

One must be sure to cruise through the enormous Sumidero Canyon on the Grijalva River. 800-meter-high walls display many capricious rock formations and caves created through hundreds of years. Bird species and alligators abound in this glorious river.

Discover the mysterious Mayan treasures at the UNESCO World Heritage archeological site of Palenque, Sue’s favorite Mayan site of all Mexico and Central America. Hidden in the jungle, the privilege of seeing the main plaza of this intriguing ancient city will bring tears to your eyes. You will find the history of the dynasty of the Lord Pakal in Palenque is most inspiring. At the remote Tonina archeological site, climb the 7-story pyramid, the largest of its kind in MesoAmerica. Approach the Xachilan site only by boat on the Usumacinta River, where toucans, alligators and howler monkeys watch as you near this site.

What to Expect

Cruise the Grijalva and Usmacinta rivers. Hike behind roaring waterfalls and swim in glassy pools. Walk amidst the vibrant market of San Cristóbal. Observe the wonderful jungle wildlife and marvel at the archeology of the Mayan ruins of Bonampack Yaxchilan, and Palenque. Book your tour in winter to early spring to beat the jungle heat.

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Chiapas Highlights

Sumidero Canyon

Take a marvelous l.5-hr motorboat ride throughout the enormous Canyon Sumidero on the Grijalva River. Its walls are 800 meters high and you can admire the different capricious formations of the rocks and caves created through the passing of the years. Here also is the home of many bird species and alligators in their natural environment.

Chan-Kah Resort Village

Surround yourself in the natural beauty of Palenque at Chan-Kah Resort Village. Enjoy the rich and colorful gardens full of stunning jungle vegetation. Take a swim in the exotic pool built to resemble a Mayan cenote. The comfortable accommodations, impressive amenities and luxurious garden surroundings will stir your spirit.

Palenque Ruins

Visit Palenque ruins, an all-time S&S favorite. Palenque is located on a natural balcony that opens up to extraordinary jungle plains. Among the most aesthetically impressive ruins in Mesoamerica, it has been described as the most beautiful Mayan ruin of all. The ancient city is said to have reached its peak from the 6th to the 8th centuries AD. Immerse yourself in Mayan history as you view the archeological site, particularly the Temple of the Inscriptions, the Royal Tomb, and the Palace, all while surrounded by exquisite jungle flora and fauna


Located 140 km from Palenque is the archeological site of Bonampak. This has a splendid Mayan ceremonial Centre from the year 800 AC.  One of its buildings still has murals of indescribable beauty representing religious ceremonies, processions and wars in the interior walls.


Board a motor boat on the Usumacita River and travel 15 km to the majestic site of Yaxchilan. Along the River observe toucans, alligators and howler monkeys in the Lacandon jungle. In the great Yaxchilan plaza, the large Acropolis and the south Acropolis are surrounded by lintels and steles engraved in the stone right in the middle of the jungle.

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Independent, Unescorted Itineraries

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