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Batopilas Canyon Tour

S & S Tours Special Once a Year Copper Canyon Tour
to the Bottom of Batopilas Canyon

Copper Canyon











The magnificent Copper Canyon System in Northern Mexico is composed of 7 major canyons in the system. Not all the canyon are easily accessible, but, we actually make a journey in a van down to the bottom of Batopilas Canyon once a year. This Canyon has a particularly interesting history. Alexander Graham Shepherd was one of the few Washington, D.C. mayors and he made a 40 day’s journey with his family, mining engineers, employees, teachers, doctors, servants, pets, etc. to the bottom of this Canyon where he established the Batopilas Mining Company in the early 1880’s. More pure native silver was taken out of here from the 1880’s to 1910 than anywhere in the world. ‘’capitalist, brought the industrial revolution to Mexico. Batopilas was the only location outside of Mexico City at this time that had electricity. Christmas in Batopilas was a grand affair that took months of planning with liquors being imported from Scotland and turkeys from the Tarahumara Indians (they ran them downhill for days and had to be there early so they could be fattened up again in time for the holidays!) The gifts were brought from the New York Office on the backs of mules. Christmas balls were elegant affairs.

S & S Tours offers a small, escorted group tour to the bottom of Batopilas Canyon every November. The drive is described by Froemmer in his Guidebook of Mexico as “one of the most spectacular drives in North America.” This year’s 9-day tour is November 7-15, 2016. Call S & S Tours 1 866 780 2813.;