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Copper Canyon — Monarch Butterflies

Copper Canyon Mexico

“A First class tour all the way, from hotels to guides and cuisine. Just wanted you to know how much I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.” L.R., CA 2016

“Service at every stop was tops!” L.G., CA 2016

“The hotels were beautiful and a surprise.” D.K., CA 2016

“We have just returned from the Copper Canyon trip–it was fabulous. Well run, well organized and great fun–truly an educational experience. We can’t say enough about the guides Edgar and Sergio, both experienced, knowledgeable and proud of their country…” B.&C. M., WA 2016

“Our room has a balcony overlooking the canyon, very similar to the Grand Canyon [and] very much like it in its serenity and quiet, depth and grandeur. The tram ride was great and just right for me. Far down below us we could see the homes of the Tarahumara Indians who call these canyons home. They make tightly woven baskets for sale here. Carlos is a marvelous guide, so knowledgeable about all aspects of life in Mexico. His command of English is terrific and he is comfortable with Americans. That is an admirable quality.” J.L., Travel writer for the Redlands Facts.

“Great trip!” D.H., OR 2016

“We are truly enjoying this trip. The hotels have been very good by Mexican standards and the meals have far exceeded our expectations. The guide Carlos is among the best guides I have traveled with. The bus is new, beautiful and comfortable. Seeing the interior of Mexico by bus is a real treat as all my years of travel here have only been to resort areas (Cabo, MX city, Acapulco, PUerto Vallarta, Ensenada, etc). I rate this trip an ‘A’.” B.S., CA 2016

“The Copper Canyon trip has been incredible. The guides and bus drivers have been superior. The meals have been beyond description.” R.B., CA 2016

“The Copper Canyon trip has been great!” R.S., CA 2016

“The trip was fabulous. The two Mexican tour guides, the 20-year veteran and his protege were also wonderful…” B.&F. E., CA 2016

“The trip to Copper Canyon was fantastic-better than expected!…J.O., CA 2015

“Best trip ever! Spectacular scenery and an awesome Tour Guide!” V.K., AZ 2015

“We so enjoyed the recent Copper Canyon tour.  Pedro is an outstanding guide-professional and so knowledgeable of all the areas we visited.  We always felt safe and comfortable, and are thinking about planning more travel in Mexico.  We always felt safe and comfortable, and are thinking about planning more travel in Mexico.  The hotels and the meals exceeded our expectations.”  K&R, AZ 2015

“Our overall tour experience was excellent and amazing.  A great learning experience, a wonderful time and certainly to be recommended.  Rating again a #10 (being the highest)from a 1-10 RANKING! THANK YOU for providing us with such an excellent experience!” B&E, AZ 2015

“We thoroughly enjoyed this first trip to Mexico for us.  Pedro was most impressive and very knowledgable about his native home Mexico…All the hotels were just super and entertaining; and the food was very good and the staff was ery good at their jobs.  The bus drive was a superb driver.  Thank you all involved who organize a great vacation for my wife and myself.”  R&G, KY 2015 

“We just finished the Copper Canyon Tour with S & S tours.  The tour exceeded our expectations.  It was wonderful.  It was especially exceptional because of our tour guide Bacho.  We would recommend the trip to all our friends but recommend they only travel on a tour by guided by Bacho.  I can not imagine a better guide.  He worked so many hours with us I imagine he got little sleep.  All of our needs were taken care of by Bacho with no exception even if it meant his not getting any free time.  Copper Canyon Tours would be wise to use Bacho as often as possible.  The hotels and food were excellent, considering we were traveling in Mexico.  I am a retired Airline Pilot of Delta Airlines and have had many over nights in Mexico.  I know what traveling there is like, and Bacho was fantastic in making this my best experience in Mexico.  Good Job S & S tours.”  B.D, AZ 2015

“We cannot thank you enough for an incredible vacation week.  We have traveled extensivley through Mexico and we all agreed that this experience far outweighed anything we have ever experienced.”  J&A M., AZ

“I couldn’t have enjoyed it more than I did.  Everything about it was beyond my expectations…” L.M, AZ

We had a wonderful trip.  Pedro was great!! His timing for each activity was so accurate that we were always on schedule.  It was a very congenial group.  I will be a word-of-mouth advertiser for you.  S.L., AZ

” Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed working with Erica recently on a prospective Butterfly Sanctuary trip that included round trip transfers, two nights’ hotel, and guide services.  Erica was wonderful to work with – ever patient, on top of the seemingly never-ending questions, genuinely friendly and helpful, and going the extra mile.  My thanks to Erica for all her time and attention, ….  I’m thankful for the opportunity to become acquainted with S&S Tours and I look forward to working together on future trips.”  B.B

“We did the Copper Canyon tour, and it was perfectly wonderful.  Everything about the trip is still vivid for me.  I’ve done plenty of traveling in my long life, and that one was a high point.”  M.B., AZ

” I loved the trip!!!   The food was outstanding, the hotels excellent…and the whole experience was wonderful!  I have recommended the tour to several friends. Thanks again for such a wonderful trip. ”  K.S, AZ

“There are no words to describe this trip.  The amount of organization to put this trip together must have been huge and much appreciated.”  C. Cracklow, CANADA, Oct.12

“Of all the tours I’ve ever taken,  yours were far the best.”  H. Browning, AZ

“Should have spent more time and taken a guided tour. Unlike Grand Canyon, you can’t do a self-guided and see it all but it was quick and low-cost, which is what we were after.  It really does need a guide to do it justice.”  D.H.,May.11

“This was by far one of the best trips we have taken.  Suzy  was amazing; our won private tour guide.  She speaks Spanish fluently, know Mexican people everywhere we went, is well liked and respected, is a delightful traveling companion.  All of the hotels were more than acceptable, they were woutsatnding-especially the Hotel Posada Mirador on the rim off the canyon.” J&L Travel, Canada-Mar.11

“We just returned from our trip to Copper Canyon.  It was wonderful.  Thank you so much for assisting us in the planning of this amazing adventure.  We were sad to hear that so many US travelers are not going to this incredible area for fear of violence.  We felt safe at every moment in every city and all of the Mexican people we met along the way were very kind and hospitable.  I hope more travelers learn about his beautiful place and decide to go soon.  We will certainly recommend it as well as your company.  Thank you again.” K.M & P.S., IL-Dec.10

“You win the prize for the best tour!”  E.S., Canada-Mar.10

“A simple “thank you” seems so insufficient…so I will make you a promise:  I will sing the praises of S&S Tours to anyone, and everyone, that I talk to when discussing vacation choices..for the rest of my life!” M.M., NY-Feb.10

“Thank you for the trip of my life!” P.H.,CA-Mar.07

“Best Trip I Ever Had”, P. W., CA-Mar.07

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Copper Canyon trip you put together for us and to tell you that everyone had a most wonderful time.  The accommodations, the food, the drivers, everyone and everything was just terrific and we have never had a better time.  One thing I would especially like to do is to say that Alejandro Granados was one of the best guides we had ever had.  You are very fortunate to have him in your employ as he really made the trip for us.  He did everything perfectly and he went beyond expectations in taking care of all of us, getting us good restaurants to eat in and in all showing us around.  If you see him please give him  our best and say we would love to have him on another trip if one should evolve.”  C. H., NM-Mar.07

“The serendipitous connections might strike readers:” London resident with airline agent in Dallas, TX who confirms excellence of AZ-based SS Tours to Mexico.”  B. G-T, London-CC-Mar.’07

“We had such a great time on our trip to Copper Canyon.  Thanks so much for all you work on planning it.” B. H.,  FL-Oct.’06

“The Copper Canyon tour was FIVE WOWS!!” P.C., HI-Oct.’06

“I hope to tour more with you and bring others along, there isn’t anyone who could do this better.”  S.E., AZ-Oct.’06.

“I’ve been thinking about you ever since we got home and before we even got home.  You did a marvelous job!!!  We all loved how sensitive you are to the Indian culture and all the Mexican people-it was heart warming.  We watched you wave from the train station as we pulled away on the bus-I had a tear in my eye and heart for you-your sincere feelings continued to show how you cared about us and I know all your groups.  The are so lucky to have you.”  J. B., WI-Sept.’06

“It was a pleasure traveling with a guide as personable as you and whose attention to detail was truly remarkable.  We were impressed both with your knowledge of the geography and people of the area and also with your personal attention and concern for each individual traveler.  You exceeded our expectations and turned what would have been a lovely train ride through the canyon into a splendid and exciting adventure.  Thank you again so very much for all the little extra things you did to make the trip truly memorable.  Gracias!” J&K, F., WI–Sept.’06

“I’m so glad you were our guide for the trip.  Your knowledge of the region and people were a great way to understand and appreciate these people.  Loved hearing your stories, personal and fun to hear–You’re  NUMERO UNO.” D. L., WI-Sept.’06

“Thanks again for a GREAT trip!!  I’ll be using you again, I’m sure!!”  L.L., CA- Jul ’03; Jul.’06

“Thank you Sue and Erica-we bragged on you to all the airline passengers on our way home.”  N. S.,  TX June’06

“Group tours conducted on a very personal basis.” J.M, AZ

“Copper  Canyon, Mexico…our experience, our adventure, our vacation—a dream anticipated for 15 years was indeed everything and more than we anticipated…all the results of the professionalism, the experience, the efficiency, the friendship and the reputation of S&S Tours.  Thank you so much for making our dreams come true!”  B.C. P., Canada

“More than adequate-Carlos (Copper Canyon guide) was excellent-a great guide and a fascinating and engaging person”—S. H., MD

“A fascinating experience with something for everyone.  First-Class all the way”—N, W., FL

“The best part of this trip was seeing place & experiencing situations I would never encounter on my own.  Choice of locations, sites & visits was phenomenal, as was the smooth scheduling.  Well done!”  R.D., Washington, DC

“It was excellent, more than expected.”  C. B., CA

“ Sue Stilwell and S&S Tour staff live up to their giving personal attention in planning a wonderful adventure.  Wherever we went, it was evident that “Susy” was known and regarded for her knowledge & love for Mexico, Copper Canyon and the people.  With the expert guidance & information/organization of S&S Tours.  A guide being available for the whole trip would definitely have advantages to get more history and answers to questions.  We give S&S Tours a 5 star rating.” E. P., CA

“One of life’s rare adventures!  You must go to Batopilas!”  E.M., CA

“One of our most memorable vacations and a true adventure.  The train ride was great fun, scenery spectacular and the trip to Batopilas beyond expectations. I worked with Erica-she’s excellent, friendly, knowledgeable, her suggestions were very helpful. Thanks for planning a truly fabulous tour for our group. “ D.M., NM

“I don’t think anyone could have got a better local guide than Carlos.  The hotel chain just has to be commended from beginning to end (in fact, quite beyond expectation).” K.H., Australia

“Couldn’t have been better.  It was a perfect trip for us.  Everything went smoothly.  We were treated very well.”  R.G., MT

“Sue, your knowledge and love of this country and its people shows every time you  talk or see someone.  You were a wonderful guide and humanitarian.  You have excellent interpersonal skills.”  C.W., FL

“Susan was fantastic.  She not only knows the territory but she knows the people.  She is extremely well organized with an ability to deal with any challenge.  She is also able to relate to different personality types with grace & humor.” M.B., CA

“I didn’t know what to expect, but by the end of the trip all us experience what we had hoped to do and see and bonded in the process.” S.R., TX

“Susy is very well-known in the area by the nationals as well as the ex-pats and is universally spoken highly of.  Suzy’s advise to us as to what to see, where to go, when to leave and from what city was on the mark.  Nobody had a better tour.” S.H., TX

“Everyone we encountered related to the trip was absolutely marvelous, so attentive, charming and helpful. Thanks so much.  The trip couldn’t have been any better, our 90 yr old mother did it all and loved it.” C.R., AZ

“Everything was perfect.  I will recommend S&S to all.” B.S., AZ

“My husband and I would like to tell you how very successful our trip to the Copper Canyon was and how much we appreciated your excellent planning.” R.P., CA

“Sue and other guides are so personable that at first meeting, you feel like you’ve known them for a long time.  Our small group members seem like family now.” J.H., MI

“You really made my Copper Canyon Trip a very memorable one.  You are a unique person and a super tour director.” M.S., AZ

“Best organized-most informative-great pace-of any guided tour I have ever experienced.  Just Awesome!! A big bong for the buck. Susan Stilwell, it is obvious you love doing this and your really care about your clients.  You are a class act.”  R.G.,

“For both of us it was an experience traveling with a group of Americans.  We had the feeling we where traveling with close friends all the time.  Thank you for everything, we both had a great time in the most beautiful train ride through the Copper Canyon.” L.W. P., Belgium

“Your company seems to be the company of choice for independent travelers.” K.C., CA

“You haven’t seen or experienced Mexico if you haven’t seen it with S&S Tours.  Exceptional in experiencing the culture, food and fun.” J.H., FL

“Our trip to Copper Canyon was the best trip ever!  We can’t say enough good thing about the trip.  We will always remember it as one of the best of our travel experiences.  We are already recommending it highly to our friends.”  J.C., CA

“We have been to Mexico ten times and this was the best trip yet!” J.M., CA

“I would follow you to any place that you are excited about.”  E.M., MI

“Traveling with Sue is like traveling with a longtime friend who handles the details with such enthusiasm that she seems to be having as much fun as we are.” B. M., MI

“It (tour to Copper Canyon) was more than advertised!”  J. W., CA

“Your love of Mexico and its people and your enthusiasm to share make you and your business outstanding (Copper Canyon)!” B.S., CO

“A group tour conducted on a very personal level.” J.M., AZ

“Thank you for your organization of a very good tour and they (as well as I) would definitely use your services again.”    P.S. Travel, Canada


Monarch Butterflies


We had a Great time, you were terrific guide and made this trip so informative, fun and safe. Loved it. We should do it again someday!, Feb.2017
R. & L. R, IL.

“Sue, it was AMAZING!!!  We loved every bit of the trip especially our guide Raymundo!  We will be going back!” , Feb.2013- KK,Texas